Monday, September 09, 2013

Who moved my chaise?

Three old beat-up Sax Rohmers came into our store, & i was happy to pick them up for a good price. So i read the first one, President Fu Manchu (1936)—& realized about 2/3rds of the way in, that it had the same basic plot as The Manchurian Candidate-!

The next one i read, She Who Sleeps (1928), has the same plot as—Vertigo.

(sunset on "Osiris" (HD 209458b): tumblr via hackr via afrofuturist affair) (The same thing, but more fun.) --One must remember, however, that these pretty colors are going to be seen through a red-hot atmosphere rich in carbon monoxide, moving at 4000 miles per hour... (Neptune's winds only reach 1300.)

Big Easy to Big Empty.

"After this cruel harrowing of the ground" --Edwin Muir

Halloween Gambit.

"Before I took the road
Direction ravished my soul"


(Dimitris Tamyakos on tumblr via darkly euphoric)

Last Days of the Rubber Suit Monsters.

"Where truth is unsearchable
All seeking is straying"


Give it back to the buffalo.

(via on facebook)

What if THESE were the Plutovites?

Endzone reviewed.

I Live Under a Black Sun.

" The greatness of evolutionary theory is that it is anti-hermeneutic."

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