Friday, October 25, 2013

Magic grinds the wound, bringing invalidity

"Did he have the faintest notion that he was a sort of guru to the wreckers of civilization?"

(via language log)

The philosopher as presently defined, is one whose job it is to pile tiddlywinks on the tiddlywinks already piled.

"Space Oddity" by the Langley School Music Project.

"...his bookshelf was just a row of paperbacks about serial killers. You mistook this for an interest in history..." --Patricia Lockwood

Television conspirracy theories.

<-Tokyo Skytree, via neojaponisme)

"...(now one of the most popular tattoos in Turkey)..."

"Richter...suggests comparing the list of governors who refuse to expand healthcare for the poor, Medicaid, with the list of states fighting to preserve slavery. The surprising similarity shows that there is in fact a culture war going on..." --Marek Ostrowski via Watching America

"It's not that I don't think we're doomed and our culture insipid. I do."

Space-girl dance.



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