Friday, October 11, 2013

amoeba car

Head East. (via Arthur Decker on Fb)

"Althusser manifestly suffered from a severe form of bipolar disorder, yet most persons with this condition do not share his painful sense of nonbeing, become murderers, or develop a bleak version of materialistic philosophy." --L.A. Kirshner

Movie of The Man in the High Castle?

<- artist's impression of newly discovered exoplanet GJ 504b (via) (A.k.a. "Sakura", "Genesis", "Galt's World" (ugh!), or possibly "Zeeba"; this is only 5 light years from 70 Virginis...which now has its own prezi)

"Marx's vampires are much more well known; the werewolves have on occasion been noted, but they to a much less degree, quantitatively and qualitatively with regard to sustained analysis." --The Hour of the Machine blog

"Alfred Hitchcock shot murder scenes like love scenes and love scenes like murder scenes." --Elisabeth Roudinesco, Philosophy in Turbulent Times (2005)

Dog Horoscopes.

<- Chinese palindrome ("huiwen") poem by Su Hui, known as "Picture of the Turning Sphere" or "Star Gauge" & originally stitched in five colors of thread, on silk. "Interesting that she was a contemporary or near-contemporary of Publilius Optatianus Porphyrius..." says M Hendryn on Language Hat. It can be read so many ways, in part or whole, it is like a poetic fractal, or a labyrinth of syllables (not to be compared with letter-unit palindromes in a Western alphabet, of course). A picture of Su Hui. Of the 5000 poems she is said to have written, only this one survives (the same link leads to the jpeg of a translation, from this book.). A whole anthology of such poems.

Trippy Vesta animation.

"...there are/ still songs to sing beyond/ mankind." --Joris's Celan

Subway (Epilogue).



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