Monday, October 21, 2013


"The greatest panic I've ever felt was at an Umbanda rite in Brazil when I sensed that the others present weren't actually people." --Jim Harrison, Just Before Dark



"The literary world is one of those unintentionally comic movies they used to make about voodoo and zombies." --ibid

Hauntology resurrected.

A jar of vinegar set out for gnats.


another cancerstory
i hear & put out of mind

the wine flows
the guests grow fewer

squirrel drey badger sett


"These hopeless characters lived in times when writers were like gods, dwelling in the mountains as desperate hermits or loopy aristocrats. In those days they wrote with the sole purpose of communicating with the dead..." --Enrique Vila-Matas in Isola di Rifuti

The Book of Lamentations.

Street Apes of Jakarta. More.



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