Friday, November 08, 2013

95 phthisis

"Nothing was the right voice for Godzilla."

(via nuits sacrees dot fr via corey powell on twitter)

Chaldaean Oracles.

NSA haiku.

"The Franco-Italian text is thought to be closest to the original, and it’s noticeably badly written."

RETEP verse.

     "Sink Song

Scouring out the porridge pot
Round and round and round!

Out with all the scraith and scoopery,
Life the eely ooly droopery,
Chase the glubbery slubbery gloopery
Round and round and round!

Out with all the doleful dithery,
Ladle out the slimy slithery,
Hunt and catch the hithery thithery,
Round and round and round!

Out with all the obbly gubbly,
On the stove it burns so bubbly,
Use the spoon and use it doubly,
Round and round and round."

     J.A. Lindon

Parody in Shostakovitch.

Hymn to the Moon.

(also by JAL, via futility_closet on twitter)

"I find that a peculiar thing, something that I've always thought of in my head, there are people looking back to create new music. To me, that's not what it's here for, electronic music is not here to look backwards. It was invented to look forward."

Where were you.

(thanx Jayson!)

The myth of the War of the Worlds.

"Had Gardner been around at the time, he might have spared Dante Gabriel Rossetti the pain of mistaking the Snark for a veiled attack on himself."



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