Friday, March 07, 2014

episcopal maze boy


"Erosion is a kind of tailoring." --George Murray

"...the technology becomes obsolete faster than James Bond is recast."

"And though with gay batrachian chirrup
Her poets thrill the swampy reach,
Not with so glutinous a syrup
As moonlight shall we grease our speech."

--Roy Campbell

Alan Moore on Kenneth Grant.

"With one-seventh Earth gravity and 4.5 times terrestrial sea-level atmospheric density, humans on Titan would be able to strap on wings and fly like birds." --Robert Zubrin, Entering Space (1999)

Detective in yellow.

(via Jim Davis at Moorish Orthodox Church on Facebook)

Galena rain.

to forgotten gods
day by day i watch

the pattern of the sky sliding
something going
that never will return

Sultry Dance of Death.

"We gather in groups around languages as though each tongue were a campfire and silence were the cold." --Murray, ibid


checkmate with bishop and knight
surgical sleet
journeybread for the shadowlands

On the Many Deaths of Amanda Palmer.

"It is possible that a future society may find a way of doing without the question by hunger as we have done without the question by fire." --G K Chesterton



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