Tuesday, February 04, 2014

vorpal retox

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"the only bomb shelter is psychosis." --Don Gordon

Banshee Chapter--terrible title--seems to be based on the ideas in DMT: The Spirit Molecule, which I have always thought would make a good scifi saga...

"By Charon ferried to the burning coast." --Hoole's Ariosto

A new genre: Black MIDI.

"And Xibalba is packed with tests, heaps and piles of tests." --Popol Vuh (tr Tedlock, 1996)


"Rollers, and orioles, and lorries" --Roy Campbell

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"Kafka's sirens are silent." --Walter Benjamin

Lojban Oz

"But you keep repeating “Kharaxos is coming
with a full boat”: that, I believe, is for Zeus
and all the gods to know; you should not be
thinking such things;

you should send me instead with strict instructions
to pray fervently to Lady Hera
that Kharaxos might arrive and bring his
ship safe and sound here,

finding us safe as well. As for the rest,
let’s entrust it all to the gods—fair weather,
after all, can come from a heavy gale
all of a sudden.

Those to whom the Lord of Olympus chooses
to send a god, one who will help them forthwith
out of their troubles, they are the fortunate
and very blessed.

We ourselves, if Larikhos should raise
up his head and one day become a man,
we will be from the troubles that weigh us down
freed in an instant." --new Sappho, via



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