Tuesday, December 10, 2013

cargo abounds


"It is a world for the spider, for dark webs woven in darkness." --Sitwell

Author as site.

"... it would be unfortunate if, as with Tolkien's boring hobbits, a cute little cult of Antiterra developed (with maps, and vocabulary, and sinchilla mantillas). That is not likely to happen."

Invisible time.


Ushers, survived as dramatic part.
Tumour of tract of marrow establishes the world.
Never evinces full, as possible as way.
Plainly shews.
The fresh landing pitches overboard, racing.

As able as power, a terrible second records the interest.

For authorities whose hopes

Now practices that mother widowed.
The domain shows.
Prove, as lovely as a suntan.
Renders to that competition, writing like the collapse.
His good way handles one lad little.
Rents work.

Rents vertigo.
Rents the tenant.
Rents crew."

--Erica T Carter, 2004

"...there was some small, perplexed part of me that hoped one of the reasons this book is so big is that the answers are printed in the back."



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