Wednesday, December 25, 2013

a pluto tulpa

"There were many other people like Jack, angry people, people who hated lizards, or poetry, or both." --Lavie Tidhar, The Bookman (2010)

("Jade Rabbit" via

Never Forever.

"I have often deplored that unlucky adjustment which allotted to the medicines, countries, flavouring extracts, and the like, names which should have been reserved for women. For example what beautiful names for beautiful women are Arnica, Ammonia, and Magnesia; as for Syria, one could fall in love with a woman called Syria; and it would be sufficient to make a poet out of any lover to sit all day at the feet of a woman named Vanilla." --Zona Gale, The Loves of Pelleas and Etarre (1909)

Luhman 16.

"The name of the first human woman, given as Celebrated Seahouse in the previous edition, now changes to Red Sea Turtle." --Dennis Tedlock, preface to Popol Vuh (1996)

Star Wars Holiday Special.



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