Monday, May 05, 2014

Brontosaurus of Pluto

(by An-Sofie Kesteleyn via Tom Clark at tomclarkblog dot blogspot)

"Most torture devices from the era are inventions of Victorian era freakshows..."

"Every trade has a little charlatanism in it; ours has much." --Anatole France

Music for an Imaginary Science Filmstrip.


To annul the analgesic marriage sing-song, beaten-down
from struggling through time, heartbreak, poverty, limp-wristed
old hopes, she sleeps with a lone docent, delirious
in a newish singularity unparalleled in harmony with
walling it out. Dingy past, she

murmurs once alone, I bluff you away with a single paw,
squirrel you down in the dirt below us both. The shin-scrape
of breeze limps to unofficial altars, her lover pursuing
actor’s freedom, primitive masks lining his demure stair,
supple as swimming upward

as if torn loose of the bottom feeders, keening brittle hosts
there in amorality, sanctuary anywhere but there. Save me, she
quietly cries, from this Christian monstrousness, let me
be an animal again. Side-street pilfering

wrapped in mantles of bland gauze as if hospitalized. Skies
of unworthy tears in a woman’s eye. Indigo void. Blunder marking
two faces. The lattice of his confident glaze. His vanity,
her salvation, offering veal. She removes
the ring."
    --Gordon Hilgers via Facebook

Secret destinations.

"speak in secret/ alphabet" --The Doors

Francis Scott Minor Key.

(pic by mrtsk (momus) on tumblr)


"...the dark mountain that presides over Samling, which I shall never see." --The Snow Leopard


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