Monday, May 12, 2014

Fireflies on Canyon Creek

(via Opalina on Facebook)

Pessoa's Lisbon.

"Most, however, suggests that Lovecraft's mad Arab Abdul Al-Hazred´s real name was Abu al-Husayn, known as Ibn al-Rawandi or Rhazes." --Dr Cagliostro's Kuriosakabinett

Polish Cold War Neon.

(via Saladin Ahmed on twitter)

"Perhaps even if nothing else today has any future, our laughter may yet have a future." --Nietzsche

"Similarly, long after he moved to France and adopted the country’s language, Cioran would still resort to Romanian for curses. French was of no help to him in that regard, even though by then he had become a very good writer in that language." --Language Hat

(interior of the Hindenberg via Retronaut)

Urban algae canopy.

"Those who do not want to learn--create their own reality." --sayings of Asmoday

(from National Geographic via Kameron Hurley on twitter)

Rooms we cannot find to leave
And thoughts we cannot bear to think

Haunt us; still, black fathoms reive
Rooms we cannot find. To leave
Takes more than the little we believe,

Stalled in the everlasting blink:
Rooms we cannot find to leave,
And thoughts we cannot bear, to think.

The Myth of Mecca.



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