Friday, June 13, 2014

plash lack

(by Andre Masson via toembracetherandom on tumblr)

"Today, many elderly Koreans can still be seen regularly heading off to the mountains in search of the remaining Japanese stakes, but as each year passes, fewer and fewer of the objects are found and removed."

Faithpunk and palindromes.

"nobody waits
at the flat rock of syntax"

--Clark Coolidge

"My mother died in 2007 from a morphine overdose, at which point I changed the spelling of my name from Anna, to Annah. This was a cathartic shift for me— a shift which symbolically allowed me to resist the life of being a Palindrome."

"Basho’s Bed

Set a ballade–
Be not sad.
No plan, I forego regret.
A wet I? Mere folly…

Dim, lacy moths, in a vigor, fall.
Ill at last, I move to (no regrets) a faded dale–
A glade, pools.
Some more go too?

Jump! ol’ frog, or flop.
Mujo no oto1

Me, moss-looped, algael,
Added a faster gero note,
Vomit salt, all ill.
A frog, I vanish
To my calm idyll of eremite water
…gero gero…

Final pond –
A stone bed
All abates."

--Steven Fraser

("1. Mujo no oto. Japanese for ‘the sound of impermanence’. Mujo or impermanence is an important concept in Buddhism and central to Zen aesthetics. This phrase also references Basho’s original haiku, the final line of which is ‘mizu no oto’ – the sound of water.

2. Gero gero is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a frog’s croak, but is also used adverbially to describe vomiting. This pun was one of the inspirations for the poem.)

The three-hour word.

(via via Saladin Ahmed in twitter)


"Pallaksch, pallaksch: faecal emergencies come, one after another, W. says. Toilet bowls are spattered. The gods, blind and deaf and mad, are screaming. The sky is darkening. The desert is growing. He can smell sulphur, W. says. He can see black wings ..." --Spurious; the hat.

"...many art-school grads were coming of age at a time when what felt most oppressive wasn’t consumer capitalism: It was the institutional codes and guild vocabularies in which they had been trained."

"Gas, alas, and Arkansas" --Gerard Nolst Trenité

" I doubt it’s going to be resolved any time soon."

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