Monday, June 09, 2014

Silver Pockets Full

(via destruction-mode on tumblr)

The Tanks and the People.

"people's impulses have condensed into
uranium stored in a safe place"

--Bei Dao

Requiem for 9 Bleecker St.

"Really kind of wishing the baffling mass death thing had happened to mosquitoes instead of bees." --Saladin Ahmed on twitter

Lego Inferno.

"Go see the whales, the rainforests. There’s no guarantee we’ll save them all. Memorize this great world, the one we were born into. Tell others in the future. Their mistakes might be fewer if they know the greatness we once saw." --Bill McKibben in Orion Magazine

For all your Enochian supply needs.

(via @PicturesEarth via S Ahmed on twitter)

"Too, no one's story is complete until the person is dead, and the dead don't write memoirs."

"The story goes that one day, during a war of the Mongols against the imperial house of Sung, an important city fell into the hands of the foe. When Kia Se-tao received news of the disaster, he was found kneeling in the grass of a lawn and taking part in a cricket match. 'In this manner you look out for the interests of the nation !' he was reprimanded. He was not in the least disturbed, however, and kept his attention concentrated on the game." --Insect Musicians and Cricket Champions of China


"His toenails had been painted a glittery gold color, and there was also green paint under his fingernails."

"Hymn to the Moon

Luna, nul one,
Moon, nemo,
Drown word.
In mutual autumn
I go;
Feel fog rob all life;
Fill labor
Go, flee fog
In mutual autumn
I drown
Word; omen; no omen.
O, Luna, nul."

--Graham Reynolds




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