Monday, June 16, 2014

eruv, argal a gravure

New Horizons taking off.

"They who piddle and patter here in collars and tailed coats . . . . I am aware who they are . . . . and that they are not worms or fleas" --Walt Whitman @TweetsOfGrass

"Street View even sees ghosts."

"It is by the finest tints, and most insensible gradations, that nature descends from the fairest face at St James's, to the sootiest complexion in Africa: at which tint of these, is it, that the ties of blood are to cease? and how many shades must we descend lower still in the scale, 'ere Mercy is to vanish with them?" --Lawrence Sterne

The River Runs Uphill.

"Northeast of Tactical Road; southeast of Tactical Road South."

"The origin of the vampire belief lies in insomniacs. There is something not quite nice about us." --Robert Aickman

Lowrider car combat.

"The gold of authority is bright
With the glitter of attrition."

--Servasius (tr Rexroth)

Untruthiness & his friends.

"I’ll flip you for a dinosaur, my sweeties,
When Uncle Pete lets Usher eat our Wheaties."

--K Silem Mohammed

This War of Mine.



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