Saturday, July 12, 2014

onco, ordinated

Late-stage Lana.

"...before magic despaired, to become religion." --The Recognitions (1952)

The Figurehead.

" 'Calque' is one such loanword; 'loanword' itself, from the German Lehnwort, is also a calque." --Matthew Battles

Celan thread.


  Reading the sutras deep into the night,
      I look up at the dark night sky,
  Listen, all alone, to the cry
      of the distant sea—
  The 1,000 sutras, the 10,000 treatises,
      all but waves blown in the wind."

    --Cho Oh-hyun

Chinese Pagan Black Metal.

"Metal is in large part about a sense of place."

"How could I possibly know that, in the same period, he was also spending time playing chess in London with an almost exact double of Pessoa’s ?"



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