Monday, July 21, 2014

haiku bin is just

"...this neatly parceled definition of civilization the tyrannous pretension of many founded upon the rebellious efforts of a few..." --William Gaddis

"...he’s managed in a little, inexpensive way to show what it has otherwise taken the United States billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives to demonstrate: that we are slipping into the fever-dream stage of superpowerdom, in a Norma Desmond haze so deep and foggy that we don’t even know any more what we don’t know..."

      "Highway 61 Virginis"

stye, sty, styrofoahspe
O hap, Arapaho
ulcer fodder all
the acid jazz of summer
turbid cahieroglyph
turbulence at the heart of the captain's cabin

Capricorn One--the soundtrack.

Strange Coil thread.

"To be contemporary is to respond to the appeal that the darkness of the epoch makes to us. In the expanding Universe, the space that separates us from the furthest galaxies is growing at such speed that the light of their stars could never reach us. To perceive, amidst the darkness, this light that tries to reach us but cannot – that is what it is to be contemporary." --Agambien, quoted in Forgottenness blog

Atompunk DPRK.



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