Tuesday, July 29, 2014

archaic elm report


"I suppose there is such basis for labeling Koons the Most Important Living Artist of the past few decades. A fair enough verdict, providing you happen to believe that that self-blinkered acriticality, market bubbles, thought-killing clichés passed off profound truths, and the habitual recycling of artistic gestures from the recent past are the defining characteristics of the current era." --Our God is Speed.

Fukushima Google Street View.

"15 percent of those who buy physical music formats such as CDs, vinyl records, and cassettes never listen to them—they buy them purely to own." (Quoted here.)

The AKP Twitterbot Army.

"The firearm has replaced the remote control as the choice extension of the central nervous system." --five five five

He knew too much about flying saucers.

Graydawn brief commute, celadon.
Cobalt green no fruit: celadon.

Nothing i take to hand has seemed to last
perhaps because no root, celadon.

Eldritch neighbors that we never see
will be the first to shoot. Celadon.

All the homes are mobled in neglect,
& hyaline to boot; celadon.

Glaze of the lost bright days & not here told
except Graywyvern's hoot. Celadon.

Hidden Aphex self-portrait.

"In 2011, Park said his new fantasy-horror film Paranmanjang (Night Fishing) was shot entirely on the iPhone." (According to Wikipedia.)


Nonchalance thread.

"I feel less of a need to create original material from scratch due to the sheer abundance of material out in the world to work with. The craft is found in the searching, selecting or curating, and editing together of the materials..." --Jon Rafman in Dis Magazine

"We face many challenges on the new savanna."



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