Monday, July 28, 2014

allergen rummy


(i just like the way "Ithkuil" looks on Russian web pages...)

Finding Evan Ratliff.

(via wikimedia via metafilter)

Aphorisms of Kherishdar.


"Men respond only faintly to the horrors that take place around them, except at moments, when the savage, crying incongruity and ghastliness of our condition suddenly reveals itself vivid before our eyes, and we are forced to know what we are. Then the ground slides away from under our feet. But not for long." --Shestov

"Ernst Haeckel not only coined the term ecology, he also coined First World War. Think about that one: somehow he figured it was the first." --Timothy Morton

The War Works Hard.

"Where shone the floor with coral rich inlaid" --Hoole's Ariosto

Yalta conference.

Evangelical Cockroach.

"...natural languages are amped caveman utility languages suitable to converse about the climate, using material tools, fostering social relationships and so on. They are by no means designed to develop microchips or to consider abstract thought patterns such as contemplating about the definition of certain aspects of consciousness or existence."



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