Monday, August 04, 2014

the straits of morgellons

"...when the old poets made some virtue their theme they were not teaching but adoring, and that what we take for the didactic is often the enchanted." --CS Lewis

"...I’ve become probably one of the few people in the history of social media to block both his employer and Joyce Carol Oates." (via aldaily)

"All of us who'd like to think we'd have done something on Kristallnacht or in Rwanda are proving we're full of shit. " --Saladin Ahmed on twitter


"The only place where the postmodern is extant is in children’s cartoons like Shrek and The Incredibles, as a sop to parents obliged to sit through them with their toddlers."

"Somewhere the war to end all wars is sitting quietly in a bar. Drunk. Broke. And fighting with itself about whether it's time to go home." --@NeinQuarterly

"On that green stretcher, I got up and walked t[h]rough the fields, in between the debris, the wreckage, the bodies and their belongings. I kept telling myself: This is the end. After this it just can't get any worse. But it will."



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