Monday, October 20, 2014

mystery smoke

(Uspensky Cathedral in Kiev, via hdrcreme dot com)

Ebola vs austerity cuts.

"Alasdair Gray’s choice was “plakkopytrixophylisperambulantiobatrix” (the title of an unfinished poem by G. K. Chesterton)." --David Collard on TLS blog

(painting by Romio Shrestha, via metta dot org dot uk)

Clipboard man.

"Lawrence, with his typically Lawrentian gusto, asserted that Poe didn’t write about vampires as much as he was himself a vampire..." --William Giraldi

Not a dead parrot.

"Where perspectivism ought to be an encounter with otherness or difference, the lesson of perspectivism in popular culture seems to be something like the thesis that 'everything has their own perspective and everyone is entitled to their own perspective, therefore I shouldn’t have to attend to the perspectives of others.' " --Larval Subjects blog

(Uyuni Train Cemetery, via dreamstime dot com)

Nurses' statement (via archdruid report)

"... (as a good friend has speculated, the admirative mood simply must have mutated into 'the sarcastic mood' under communism, when every statement was required to be maximally superlative and maximally earnest)..." --Justin E. H. Smith

Ritratto d'autore.



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