Friday, October 17, 2014

banal obey: ebola nab

(pic by Todd Schorr via modest conspiracy dot wordpress)

"We are all displaced, we are all mobile."

"...Yet those far shores
That knew me not
Will feel the fleeting, furtive kiss
Of my tiny concentric ripples..."

--Frank Horne

"'d be surprised what a man will do to prove his own existence..." --Gaddis

Motorcycles of atonal venetian blind dust of wind roof top!

"generation after generation
of wronged ghosts pile up"

--Liu Xaobo

" I have no idea why being next to the sea on a blowy, sunshine-and-showers type of day is so exhilarating, but it is. It's like taking a short ride in a fast machine, but standing still." --Idiotic Hat blog

" 1991, the main job of a writer was to just write the next one."

we will be the ones
who threw it all away
the apathy that stuns
we will be the ones

after a million suns
have fled with their precious day
we will be the ones
who threw it all away

"It was my ancestors who supported me each time I began writing something. I even wrote some poems for them using the old language so that they could understand me."

" the late 1940s, each year one book was published for every 18,500 people, whereas today there is one book published for every 750 people. If poetry has consistently been 1% of all books published, and going strictly by the numbers, a book of poems published in 1948 was guaranteed a readership of 185 people, whereas today this translates to 7.5." --The Nondisenchanted Foreshore blog 6/16/08

"America employs more private security guards than high-school teachers."

" 'One Chinese writer plagiarized Dictionary of the Khazars and published it under another name. Then the Court in China reacted and called the real author of the work, Milorad Pavić. After that, the real Dictionary of the Khazars in China was released in 1997,' says Mihajlović.

'Instead of getting angry because someone plagiarized his work, Milorad Pavić, on the contrary, was delighted and even supported the Chinese writer, because he was, above all, happy that someone who was so far away from Serbia ever heard of his novel, and, on the other hand, that Chinese had the courage to do something like that.'

Mihajlović explains that today in China you can find two versions of Dictionary of the Khazars – the original and the plagiarized copy." --Ljiljana Begovic in GB Times



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