Friday, November 07, 2014

eyeless in garland

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"I visited the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, rebuilt in 1955 after a mad monk burned it to the ground (Mishima wrote a novel about this), and the Temple of the Silver Pavilion, weirder and more mysterious because it is not actually covered in silver but was only intended to be."

"just him, dim in the midst
of a larger dimness."

    --Thomas Disch

"Prior to Soviet conquest, Uzbek was written in Arabic script, although most Uzbek speakers were illiterate. In 1928, the script was changed to Cyrillic...In 1995, Karimov announced that Uzbek would no longer be written in the Cyrillic alphabet, but would switch to the Latin script...Today Uzbek citizens are required to master two alphabets." --Sarah Kendzior on Common Reader blog

Love is the Plan.

"Another beautiful day to change color. Fall to the ground. And own your decay." --@NeinQuarterly

"The imagery comes before the action, because the action’s actually unimportant." (via @KameronHurley)


Agilkia. (Talk about drifting signifiers!)

"Another beautiful day to remember that, yes, there is a reason for the way things are. But no, it's not a very good one." --Nein

("Iconostasis of Capitalism" by Aleksandar Todorović, via)



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