Tuesday, December 02, 2014

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Navigating the Doomosphere.

"Already the tenth year was rolling on and old had grown the strain of war, insatiate of blood, for Trojans and Danaans. With slaying of men the spears were weary, the menace of the swords died, quenched was the din of breastplate, rent and perishing the coiled fabric of shield-carrying baldricks; the shield endured no more to abide the hurtling of javelins, unstrung was the bent bow, the swift arrows decayed..." --Mair's Tryphiodorus

Many Subtle Channels.

"The mind's disguise is permanence," --Rosalie Moore

"If our climate shifts suddenly and repeatedly, making the places we live successively inhabitable, maybe transition, adaptation and sustainability are more about our capacity to scavenge, to re-form relationships with ever-changing and ever-moving neighbours, to ask and share in the moment and then bundle up our loved ones and move on, than our capacity to create and build community in any kind of enduring place or durable form." --Dave Pollard

The Greatest.

(John Atkinson Grimshaw - Park Row, Leeds (1882) via I 1000 quadri piĆ¹ belli di tutti i tempi (Fb) via Michelle H.)



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