Monday, November 24, 2014

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(image by Shinichiro Kobayashi via kobayashi-shinichiro dot com)

Sunset at the End of the World.

"Fingerprints look like ripples
because time keeps dropping
another stone into our palm."

--Bill Knott

Twine and porpentine. (I'm thinking of making a game "you are born in 2014": you graduate in 2036 with a million dollar student debt, but a hyper-hurricane levels your city in 2050 & you don't have to pay it back...)

"We will need writers who can remember freedom." -Ursula LeGuin at the National Book Awards

"Our poems, then, become a thing like that $2 houseplant my parents waged their small war over." (via @NeinQuarterly)

was greater, Furtwängler? Or do you think von Karajan?
A Brahms by the latter someone once
described―̵all the timpani ablaze―̵as witnessing
a person being kicked to death."

--John Matthias

"When the gods specs a man moste lysten but they specs as in the raedels of a gleoman [bard] or the song of a fugol [bird]." --Kingsnorth



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