Saturday, December 13, 2014

only thieves wear black

(pic by Malana Artist on Fb via Malok)

"Not unlike the effects of 19th century academic painting on the French bourgeoisie, this newfangled art Pompier is designed to be overblown and insincere (or ironic, take your pick), yet hold or increase its value while providing, in turn, an exquisite reflection of the worldview of the new overclass." --Art Net News via @mims via @LeeBillings

Death of the inbetween film.

twilight days of a
country · not anymore to
weep for what cannot
be · only for what is &
inexorably prospers

Who pays?

"Using insects to torture people. Using robots to kill people. Any eight-year-old can tell you that these are things only supervillains do." --@saladinahmad

Pamela Coleman Smith.

"Wynn blew up the iconic Dunes on October 27, 1993. The futuristic Landmark was imploded in 1995, the Sands and the Hacienda in 1996, the Aladdin in 1998, the former Thunderbird/El Rancho in 2000, and the Desert Inn was demolished in stages, with the major implosion in 2001. The jaunty outer-space-and-neon-themed Stardust was blown up in 2007. As structures, these casinos were in their prime, but as concepts, they were out of fashion, and so they were disposable and then disposed of." --Rebecca Solnit



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