Friday, February 27, 2015


(Yyldyz Hotel, Ashgabat, via dntours-business dot com)

Rockabilly as a lifestyle.

" 'I choose not to believe in any gods as an act of charity,' Marcus said.

'Charity toward whom?'

'Toward the gods. Seems rude to think they couldn't make a world better than this,' Marcus said." --Daniel Abraham, The Dragon's Path (2011)

Missing Scholz's Star.

"Black buzzards were hanging in the hot air discussing whether this would be ‘carrion evening’ or not." --R A Lafferty, "Tongues of the Matagorda" (1982)

The palindromes of Bletchley Park. "Many of the great palindromes we know today were published immediately after World War II in the British journal Notes and Queries by one man, an itinerant engineer from the northwest suburbs of London." (via metafilter)

Guide to the Phantom Dark Age.

"and such pain is so familiar
that I know its colour!...--"

--Gennady Aygi, Selected Poems 1954-94 tr P France (1997)

Rimbaud museum in Harar.

"Hugo Black was once required by politeness to attend the funeral of a legal colleague he disliked. When a late-arriving colleague asked what had happened thus far, he replied, 'The defense opened.' " --Arthur Hlavaty, in: Nice Distinctions 26

"The essential color..."

"Shaviro helps to restore to poiesis its properly antic and slapstick materiality." --Kurt Newman in The New Inquiry (via woods_lot)

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