Tuesday, February 03, 2015

gerbil killers

(pic via @SaladinAhmed)

Taken by the Pterodactyl.

"...the only thing that I have learned about all people, that they are ghostly and that they are sometimes split-off. But no one can ever know for sure which part of the split is himself." --R A Lafferty

The Man Who Was Thursday dramatized.

"It is the sick clown who comes out of the great pain, and his motley is a deformity." --Lafferty


"The ghosts of history are in the details, in the negative space." --Cornelia Read

The first ghost planet.

"Philosophy breaks language from its moorings, sending it flying in new trajectories. In this respect, it is what Deleuze and Guattari called a “minor language” and stuttering. It’s left handed." --Larval Subjects blog

Momus on Kahimi Karie.

(via flickrhivemind dot net)


"Just as chopped and screwed lethargy seems to be everywhere between beats and vaporwave, this convergence amounts to the return of speed and complexity in ways guaranteed to blister even your internet-accelerated brain..."

"One day he announced he was going to write on the dwarf-kidnapping trade in the Middle East." (via The Page)



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