Friday, March 06, 2015

further adventures of surface tension

(pic by steve jones via fb)

chipping ice
a plastic scraper

Jack Wright on Soundcloud.

he put the Getty in Gettysburg
he put the Vicks in Vicksburg

Alien Worlds on Youtube (part 1).

"I’d been thinking recently of how Catholicism, when shorn of political and social power, resembles a vast Outsider Art project..." --Darran Anderson

jihad, this.
Hyena laughter rings.

Lost city of the monkey god. (I just wish this was the explanation behind the Mystery Spots on Ceres...)


The mirage minted its quills into a claw."

--Eric Baus via @NeinQuarterly)

your tarot fortune told
with spiderman cards

Chinese punning. "While it is common to give gifts in even number increments, giving four of something is associated with very bad fortune because in Mandarin the word four (四, sì) is pronounced similar to the word death (死, sĭ), see tetraphobia. This taboo exists in Japanese and Korean as well, where the words are exact homophones shi in Japanese and sa in Korean."

(via wikimedia)

The Two-Minute Airplane Factory.

"Fruit flies darn the citrus fallen
and rotten in the late spring..."

--Didi Jackson in Floating Wolf Quarterly

(via privacyinternational dot org)

Gwyneth does Old Venus.



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