Monday, March 30, 2015

discernment terminology

polyester interjection bisque
drizzles tadpole doppelganger busk
roiling world spectacular & blind
in my wooden maze a wolf grown blurred
orange detour elegy again

orange spiral the redeye hogan
DOSIG spawn harries with botfly care
flickercoif narrowing oil boom cure
fog to school me in cerulean love
or some garden where the stars believe

who could whisper so a pitbull halts
indigo cloud blurts nine low feghoots
room without a roof speeds powderkeg
& bewray i now the late blitzkrieg
jiaya this time or utmost crash

poppy lantern clownwhite lapse · peckish
glissade ·: arrive at clamorous pause
underfoot zugzwang one hoof appears
of the reason why & Betelgeuse
in Orion knows it with tiger jazz

these forgotten ulcers prostitute
the Pink Floyd-flavored heart void estate
where agroof we lie to fool ourselves
handlebar moustache on argon missives
i bargained for like a nincompoop

buzzards soar above abhorrent perp
as the powerful are allowed to reap
runaway vampire rampage death-grip
escapepunk i may idle richly
in the latter days of ratfink chill

gelid burden, hajji churl

DOSIG: Enochian 'night'
jiaya: Taneraic 'of jasmine'



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