Monday, March 16, 2015


Pi and the Raven.

"The armies wreak their havoc, and those still alive struggle to live among the ruins, and perhaps history will be kind enough to rebuild again before another onslaught."

"I do not fear our extinction particularly. What I really fear is that man will ruin the planet before he departs." --The Lost Notebooks of Loren Eiseley

Los Diplomaticos.

"Among the master bone hunters no such record exists, perhaps because these men had passed the point of no return and grew silent, or confined themselves to the aloof impersonal examination of a skull on the beach. There is a serene, cold excellence about their final judgment, but these have sometimes ceased to have about them a human quality." --Eiseley, op cit

Music from brainwaves.

Olivine around tau Ceti. (via @SpaceRef)

"It is obvious that I unconsciously regard the rejected fragments so wastefully strewn about me as the dismembra of a civilization already perished and in the midst of whose solitude I linger like Crusoe upon his isle." -ibid

Worse than the Holocaust.


"Only a few words wistfully remain:
Love. Me. Everybody. Please.
I capture the restaurant as silent chefs simply flee
Across a sky of capillary hues."

--Mike Keith



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