Tuesday, March 31, 2015

snowweight asymptote


    "Zero Dark Thirty Sum Game"

soylent zero
a rad padlock
i was rusting
collect red drops
the wopwops shook

one clinic past
one black sapling
shorn of buds now
oobleck necklace
cyclops robber

the wits riddled
with slack phantoms
to lug doubly
a dead letter
roadblock auction

and this fib proves
heart's clam blab-spree
O hubbub thwart

10 Female Outsider Artists.


The lively gestures have cried, turning alpaca
      without appreciation

To endure a satisfactory deck, an
      unsatisfactory chant, a punctual
      ivory-country glow, a warlike aspiration, an expectant typist

Like quick imbeciles
We have sent him a string"

--Robot X, 277.

74 Essential Books.

“I was hostage swapped for the rain
And up there I said
The absence of pain is alarming"


Sign language from Occupy.

(via Discarding Images on Facebook)


Unamuno & Wittgenstein both learned Danish in order to read Kierkegaard.

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