Saturday, April 11, 2015

kwashiorkor ecpyrosis

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Angkor Wat street view.

"Unfortunately -- when everyone is actively promoting propaganda, and fewer and fewer people are actually fooled by it, the net effect is just the same as if the broader society buys into the propaganda wholeheartedly." --commentator Thomas Daulton at Archdruid Report blog

FACT mix.

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"Fake Chappelle was feuding with a Fake Katt Williams."

        “Dallas Gothic

I would always pass this motel on the bus. It lay up a hill covered in kudzu; all you could see was tile rooftops. Some people said there had been a murder committed on the premises. One night we drove up the scary steep ramp to look around. Not one car was parked out front.

I lived for awhile in a refurbished church in a bad neighborhood; in an actual garret, in fact. It suited me. I seldom saw my fellow residents. The doors were never locked. The locals were convinced this was a witch house. True, we were fond of Mazzy Star, black candles, and incense.

A nondescript building on the historic campus houses its closed-stacks theological library. I was researching Latin decadence poetry & got permission to use it. I would pass a glass boxed mummy in the foyer, then sit reading for hours in the narrow aisles, entranced, utterly alone. They even had a complete set of the Equinox.

A former dinner theater in an industrial area now housed a club for goths. It had a narrow balcony & I would sip orange Curacao up there, wearing a cape & sometimes raccoonface makeup. Nobody spoke. The music was loud & relentless. When Diamanda Galas came to town, she played there. The mood was electric.

A large, ornate old house with a garden full of strange pale statues lay off a busy overpass. It was supposed to be owned by a famously rich, suspiciously secretive cult. You could only catch glimpses of it as you passed. The way down there was hard to find. The way back out was impossible.

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