Monday, April 13, 2015

a belief so unknown that the shore stands

Book tour with matching outfits.

the end has not come
after so long waiting
the sky remains mum

the end has not come
& our hands are numb
rain sings in the grating

the end has not come
after so long waiting

The story of dot tk.

     "...shall I pour
Libations on the earth, and like a man
That flings away the lustral filth, shall I
Throw down the urn and walk with eyes not turned?"

--Plumptre's Aeschylos

"Mundruczó represents this struggle for the soul of Hungary in music, namely in Liszt's second Hungarian Rhapsody, a piece that represents 'Hungarianness' perhaps more than any other..."

(thewordsyouwontswallow via carlyravejerson via cthulhucene tumblr)

Bicholim Conflict.

     "(Is that why
they back-cant on Parnassus?)"

--The Anathemata

"It is time to stop making claims and to simply listen."

"Every twist constitutes a temple-pylon to a new region demanding new forces, unforeseen developments, variations and dynamic surprises--Tiamaterialistic miracles of all kinds." --Cyclonopedia

(via cbsdallas)

When a City Falls.

"Below this earth their spirits to th' abyss
Descend; and through the flesh, that wastes away
Beneath the parching sun, their whitening bones
Start forth, and moulder in the sable dust."

--Hesiod, "Shield of Hercules" (tr C A Elton)



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