Wednesday, May 27, 2015

saturnian aztlan

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God gods & non-god gods.

"My affliction is a boon unaware of itself." --Notturno

Jaynes addiction (thread).

"These are the only choices for the masses: whether to be a 'doomer' or a 'wisher.' Both positions are cartoon world-views that don’t provide much guidance for continuing the project of civilization, in case anyone is actually interested in that. It’s either rampaging id or the illusion of supernatural control, take your pick. I find both stances revolting." --James Howard Kunstler on his blog

Imagining Pluto.

"Who could imagine an R.A. Lafferty book in mass-market paperback today?"

"The gates of prayer are sometimes closed, but the gates of repentance are forever open." --Midrash: Deuteronomy Rabbah, 2:7 qtd in Leo Rosten- A Treasury of Jewish Quotations


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The Great Grief.



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