Tuesday, June 30, 2015

i only buy the souls of published poets

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Upcycle that.

"In the end, it is the mystery that lasts, and not the explanation." -Sacheverell Sitwell via @MrKittyFluff via @HarrySKeeler

The Moon from Yutu.

"I mean if we're going to live in a cyberpunk dystopia we might as well look the part." --The Whelk, on Mefi

Views of the Book House.

Story is to Analog Space as gravity is to the World.

Truly phildickian.

"Like more the tremor of a cithern string" --Aldrich

Widerruf again.

"Strike down the capital--the thresholds quake;
The pillar falls--its moulded cusps must burst.
A murky smudge leaves Heaven's lights opaque,
And Earth's remaining span is henceforth cursed."

--Raphael Loewe (tr): Ibn Gabirol (1989)

All of Nimrod.

The history of the world is inscribed in the history of the world's words.

Raise Hell.

"The protest years were over not just for me but for a whole generation and in music, just like in politics, many of the greatest talents were dead or in exile and their place was filled by third-rate imitators." --Nina Simone.

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The thing walks again!

"But as a grove of clustered tamarisk trees" --Aldrich



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