Monday, July 06, 2015

a lit-up tin ampersand


"Horace has always been sort of a shadow Poet Laureate of Great Britain." --Rexroth

Chimp habeas corpus.

"I feel my will not inside me but above me, like a sharp blade the exact length of my subdued body." --Notturno

Gaming with Avicebron.

"There his grim engines of destruction set" --Judith and Holofernes

(via rhino resource center dot com)

"In his strait sepulchre, there slept her heart" --Aldrich

Horseshoe crabs, samurai warriors and...Coney Island.

Trying to fast from complaining for's hard!

      "The Voluptuous Horror of Dan Fogelberg"

blindness feeding on darkness
junk food suicide

the Greek gift
of consciousness returned

blindness feeding on darkness
junk food suicide

Hurrian Hymn No. 6.

"Sadness no longer comes to me through the air, no longer comes from above. Today it crouches at my feet, wingless. It sleeps, and in its sleep, it thrashes." --Notturno



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