Tuesday, July 07, 2015

radish fan

Pessoa & Fado.

"Below her, where the spiral vapors rose,
The army like a witch's caldron seethed.
At times she heard the camel's gurgling moan,
The murmur of men's tongues, and clank of arms
Muffled by distance. Through the tree-stems shone
The scattered watchfires, lurid fiends of night
That with red hands reached up and clutched the dark;
And now and then as some mailed warrior strode
Into the light, she saw his armor gleam.
The city, with its pestilential breath,
A hive of woes, lay close beneath her feet;
Above her leaned the sleepless Pleiades."

--Judith and Holofernes

Rossetti & wombats.

"A strangest silence fell upon the land;
Like to a sea-mist spreading east and west
It spread, and close on this there came a sound
Of snow-soft plumage rustling in the dark,
And voices that such magic whisperings made
As the sea makes at twilight on a strip
Of sand and pebble..."


The Eternal Return.

Santa Barbara Auto Camp

" '...What matters, when the strong gods call,
Whether they find a man at feast or prayer?' "


"...a location well inside the Arctic Circle where temperatures as high as 37.1°C (98.78°F) were recorded on July 2, 2015..." --Arctic News

The Case for COBOL. (via Hlavaty)

"Now the one star that ruled the night-time then,
Against the deep blue-blackness of the sky
Took shape, and shone..."


On Becoming a Non-Person.

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