Friday, July 10, 2015

color-negative confederate flag

Jeff the Killer.

"Turned from such over-luscious honey-clot" --Browning


" 'We could always make another world,' said Welkin reasonably.
    'Certainly, but this one is our testing...' "
            --"Sky," R A Lafferty, in: Nebula Award Stories Seven (1973)

Planet Pluto.

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The Great Texas Airship Mystery.

One of the youths whom my wife volunteers with has made a unique suggestion on how to handle the vexing neuter singular personal pronoun issue. He proposes that we continue with using "they" & "their" & "them" in speech as we already do, but spell them "thiy" & "thir" & "thim" in writing--thus eliminating ambiguity where it counts.



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