Monday, July 20, 2015

sultan pumpkin

"The cult of the pristine took hold among a small group of people trying to slow the relentless march of scorched-earth resource extraction in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, to throw bodies on the workings of the machine. These dissenters later hardened their positions, like any outgunned rebel army." --Jesse Lichtenstein

Deep Pluto.

Where Pluto wones
some snow of air may fall;
its coruscating scroll
write sericons.
Our gaze descends
upon the pallid plain:
a razor'd terrapin
with smirk parades.
So lonely truth
these billion miles will reach...
meanwhile here but hooch
in us plants teeth.

"I look to theory only..."

(via Todd Scheet on Fb)

Just the right amount of wrong.

"What I really want is to be transported into a space in which everything is as distinct, complete, and intelligible as in the stories I read." --Eva Hoffman

Saving N|uu.

"...the Beat poets were translated into Romanian under Communism, but most mentions of freedom was translated as nature, and any longer discussions of personal freedom were translated as being about the emancipation of the workers." --Sam Riviere



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