Wednesday, August 05, 2015


"It's time to write the obituary for New Formalism." (via The Page)

"Reminded of what Delany says about how the current hugo debacle has nothing to do w/ SF but w/ the rest of society where SF exists." --@rcloenenruiz via Kameron Hurley on twitter

"Through elegance, we get away from heaviness, but lightness is paid for with insignificance." --Bataille

erased till the page tears
cliffwalk & ley suss
highest stakes
forever unpublished
in a thirsty season
ev'ry other desolation wins
ev'ry other desolation wins
ev'ry other desolation wins
in this blue sky town
the black box found
of our scuttled flight beyond
the frozen moon's rebus
knows all our fates

Carcosa, Carcosa

through the dark overpass
the sky behind it bright
the temp'rature tolerable
a whisper

on Tombaugh regio

Manga and the Bomb.



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