Monday, August 31, 2015

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"All too often 'Identity' serves as an unbridgeable chasm between us."

    "The Poet

He wasted richest gifts of God
   But here's the limit of his woes.
   Sleep rest him! See, above him grows
The very grass whereon he trod.

He walked with dæmons, ghouls, and things
   Unsightly...terrors and despairs,
   And ever in the blackened airs
A dismal raven flapt its wings.

Behold! within this narrow grave
   Is shut the baser part of him.
   Behold! he could not wholly dim
The genius gracious heaven gave,--

For strains of music here and there,
   Weird murmurings, vague, prophetic tones,
   Are blown across the silent zones
Forever in the midnight air."

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

When the digital data die.

If the world were going to be saved by laziness we would have nothing to fear.

(pic by Vladimir Manyuhin, via artboom dot info)

"Nitrogen, for instance, suddenly changes from a hexagonal to cubic crystal as it cools past 35.6 degrees Kelvin."

"Writers of thrillers tend to gravitate to the Secret Service as surely as the mentally unstable become psychiatrists, as the impotent pornographers." --Muggeridge

The World's On Fire.



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