Thursday, March 28, 2013

knowledge worker
at starvation wages
no shazam musician
bright dawn
the door repeatedly opens
this vessel
the angle of shine
gets lost
the jaw tightens
from too much caffeine
drawing dwarves

a month from my life
who have not many

slumdog * handgun
cutback * rotgut
Aurorae Ololiuqui
scurry and
shouldn't eat certain

it being my mistake
to write a note
though such as will abate
like misfired joke
i pledge next time to lob
no damning trace
or livid albatross
just astrolabe
that this burnt stake
may fix itself by rote

why won't they follow
my instructions
the fruits of many auctions
stodge this mullah
my hive built of fathoms
my darkness shod
with dreams of lirn & sad
a thousand autumns

Deuteronomistic light

death cast
of the volcano-slain

Monday, March 25, 2013

I Know Where The Rocks


(via Beyond the Beyond)

Edgy cute vs cute sinister.

"A man of the village of Tah-hiang exclaimed of him, 'A great man is Confucius!--a man of extensive learning, and yet in nothing has he quite made himself a name!'
    The Master heard of this, and mentioning it to his disciples he said, 'What then shall I take in hand? Shall I become a carriage diver, or an archer? Let me be a driver!' "
            --The Analects (tr Jennings, ca 1890)

Denialists as abusers.

Elephant with an artificial leg.

If the earth cannot be put right nor our denial perfected, likewise our most relevant art must refuse the stories of apocalypse & of transcendence alike. What remains? A clue lies in the Japanese concept of kintsugi, 'beautiful repair'. We join to what is irrevocably broken our best try at a kludge, bricoleurs of forgiveness.

The General of Dead Armies.


"Under neoliberalism the social is pathologized." --Henry Giroux

Emscher Park.



Monday, March 11, 2013

7 REAL reasons

"The darkness inside your head is something your imagination fills with stories that have nothing to do with the real darkness around you." --Adam Johnson, The Orphan Master's Son (2012)

Epsilon Ludi.

"...these gems are heavy with fate, not mere pretty trinkets." --Ithell Colquhoun, Goose of Hermogenes (1961)

I toy with the thought of writing a novel; i don't toy with the thought of making an ice sculpture the size of the Titanic.

"Herodotus rated the Egyptian labyrinth near Crocodopolis (completed in 1795 BC) a greater wonder than the pyramids." --William Poundstone, Labyrinths of Reason (1988)

"Nothing will be revealed except the absence of revelation, the absence of God’s plan, and the omnipresence of chaos and contingency."

"The avoidance of misery and
pity is a harrowing task for
one who must picture humanity
upside down and singing"
     --Frank O'Hara

The New Gnosticism. More.

All our arrested, converging tasks harry the drivers who sit idling in the midst of a big traffic snarl-up: this is not one thing, or many thing, but both. What story can come of any single driver's experience? A warning, a lamentation, a precise analysis? Or should i get out & direct traffic?


(via buzzfeed)

"But Nile no more confines them now: What bound
Can for insatiate avarice be found!
Freighted with Libyan deaths our merchants come,
And poisonous asps are things of price at Rome."
     --Rowe's Lucan IX (1196-1199)

If I were Slavoj Zizek.

(with char Vinnedge on lead guitar)