Tuesday, January 26, 2016

old recension of dwarka

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Lucifer's status as a Saint is a matter of controversy.

Prismatic theories of the Cassini-type cicada. Slendytubbies hire buxom slug. Death comes for the Archaeopteryx. Tryphiodorus's didn't survive.

Do not use the new prime.

Hareiously iniquitous victimizations have pertly zagged.

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"...'Silver Latin' is currently experiencing a 'golden age'..."

I can accept everything except what i don't expect.

Nethescurial as egregore.

"17. Beware of the man who praises liberated women; he is planning to quit his job." --Erica Jong

Another lipogram novel besides Gadsby. (Found mentioned here.)



moxie blush rug

How to talk to your kids about Breakcore.

Hareiously translucid dramatizations must extremly consistently synergize despite the swanlike concomitant truthlessness.

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Three-sided LPs.


In Greek the three words are the same:
Accuser, devil, slanderer;
And all three terms apply to her.
In Greek the three words are the same.
To all her lies against my name,
One truth in answer I aver:
In Greek the three words are the same--
Accuser, devil, slanderer."

--Vassar W. Smith (via)

No one knows what they represent.

Hareiously lusterless props can yearn per the alone auditive orthodontics.

Downstream bloodstream was insuring.

Luxembourgish Braille.

Correction can waterlog hareiously on the bedeguar.

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Sixthly undefended snore has reincorporated withe iniquitously retuse zunilda.

Lycanthropic Cabbalah of "Chicxulub" gives: charcoal eyrie, plague church, Hyades nectar, ebony stilb, coney vril, Carcosa veldt, pure smaragd, Maremma glitch, never askew, & night music.

Online Eunoia.


Monday, January 25, 2016

ebony stilb

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"Thought cannot be exhausted by perfected thinking about thinking." --Jaspers

The Calipatria Triolets.

"All the best films are about the idea of a thing, not the thing itself." --Momus

Bruxing & boggling.

"And thou, Serapis, sitting on the stones,
Shall be in trouble about many things."

--Milton Terry, The Sibylline Oracles (1890)

Planet Nine. "Proposed name for the new planet: Philortux. Meaning: fond of quails. Because who doesn't like quails?" --@KirkdaleBooks (By my calculations, with a semimajor axis of 575 AU, eccentricity of 0.565, its period is around 13,900 years. Compare Nibiru at 3600 years, which would make its orbit around 234.9 AU.) My own name for it: "Glooscap"...

morrison: at the mercy of his myth.
bowie: in control of his myth.

Messiaen animated.

"The horizon speaks to me in my time of need, sharing the ultimate story of the moment of change. I accept the horizon for what it is. This is my religion." --Neil Young

"...driving back from Bharatpur to Ahmedabad on a trip to a bird sanctuary, I saw a guy hitchhiking with a bear." --Eric Fischl

Video game Journey soundtrack by Wintory.

"Existentialism entered the American consciousness like an elephant entering a dark room. There was a great deal of breakage and the people inside naturally mistook the nature of the intrusion." --Hayden Carruth

'Fado de Pessoa' translated.

Nibiru, yon, i blab: albino Yuri bin.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

basho in the cthulhucene

A temp's taper-dimpseful
Toeing the line finely
Afflicts my vowed vector
Veering from recumbence.
I suppose risk-pesky
This part is; swerve service.
I never asked ivy
Oz garland our gauze-ark.



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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

titans ironing

"Ultimately the destruction of the earth is due in part, perhaps in large part, to a failure of the imagination or to its eclipse by systems of accounting that can't count what matters." --Rebecca Solnit

Ain't No Sunshine.


Tuesday, January 05, 2016

think and grow bitter

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"Not much can be expected from what Stengers calls the guardians, and they know it."

"...a nightmare can be as strenuous physically as the real thing." --Flann O'Brien

"...the ices on Pluto have the consistency of toothpaste..."

(via Steve Zhongjie Zheng on FB)

Something about Fuchs.