Monday, January 25, 2016

ebony stilb

(via hyperallergenic dot com)

"Thought cannot be exhausted by perfected thinking about thinking." --Jaspers

The Calipatria Triolets.

"All the best films are about the idea of a thing, not the thing itself." --Momus

Bruxing & boggling.

"And thou, Serapis, sitting on the stones,
Shall be in trouble about many things."

--Milton Terry, The Sibylline Oracles (1890)

Planet Nine. "Proposed name for the new planet: Philortux. Meaning: fond of quails. Because who doesn't like quails?" --@KirkdaleBooks (By my calculations, with a semimajor axis of 575 AU, eccentricity of 0.565, its period is around 13,900 years. Compare Nibiru at 3600 years, which would make its orbit around 234.9 AU.) My own name for it: "Glooscap"...

morrison: at the mercy of his myth.
bowie: in control of his myth.

Messiaen animated.

"The horizon speaks to me in my time of need, sharing the ultimate story of the moment of change. I accept the horizon for what it is. This is my religion." --Neil Young

"...driving back from Bharatpur to Ahmedabad on a trip to a bird sanctuary, I saw a guy hitchhiking with a bear." --Eric Fischl

Video game Journey soundtrack by Wintory.

"Existentialism entered the American consciousness like an elephant entering a dark room. There was a great deal of breakage and the people inside naturally mistook the nature of the intrusion." --Hayden Carruth

'Fado de Pessoa' translated.

Nibiru, yon, i blab: albino Yuri bin.

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