Tuesday, December 01, 2015

the search for a satellite of the moon

Jungian Senoi defended.

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Tales of the Black Gnosis.

"The more music sounds like music the more it is fraudulent, deceptive, tempting. When we hear what sounds like music—whatever the world verifies–we stop listening and let the sound caress us. It is like comfort food prepared by the world and brought to our table, a free gift that makes us grateful. It lulls us like indulgent parents whom we think are protecting our innocence. The flip side of comfort music is “difficult” music (classical/new music; jazz/free jazz), intended to challenge us, but it ultimately goes to the same place, treating us as children who are given something that is good for us.

When we ourselves learn how to make music that sounds like music we flatter ourselves with “good job,” maybe now we will be loved. Since we can never get enough of that we keep trying to do a better job, get more reward, and so on up the never-ending ladder. So an anxiety might creep in with the gift, prompting a suspicion that all this could be a masquerade, a game of which we are the fools and victims.

Free playing is when we see through this game—including our “need” to be loved, respected, flattered; it is an event that occurs by accident rather than intent. Without blinking we walk right past that bundle of need to our pleasure, which is neither comforting nor difficult. 'What rule do you follow?” Debussy was asked. 'My pleasure,' he said." --Jack Wright

Ghost cities again.

"In Time’s Encomium you may find accidental beauties, such as animal art abounds in, without animality’s pathos. Perhaps the most enduring thing to learn from this sort of project is what it does to us to hear the two aspects, separated." --my review of Wuorinen

Lovecraft still. (via feuilleton)



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