Monday, November 16, 2015

a dream of lions

(by Cameron, via via feuilleton)


"O great dishonorable beast, War,
Cockroach and millionaire,
Snake-eyed cousin of pestilence
Why do we dance for you,
Why do we dance to exhaustion?"

--Thomas Merton

The playbook.

"For men (as far as I know them) always will tell you what they think you ought to know, and always will give you what they think you ought to want: but they never will give you what you want, and they never will tell you what you want to know. Perhaps they cannot." --Baron Corvo

Electronic Beowulf. (via Language Hat)

"...only the sage knows how to take advantage of reversals of fortune..." --The Four Canons of the Yellow Emperor

(via David Chadwick on Facebook)

Ernst Fuchs 1930-2015.

"The structure of the story, as it is engaged by the reader, should have a similar effect to that of discovering a selection of items in a container of unlabelled material from someone else’s life. The end of the story, instead of providing closure, tries to recreate the moment in which some fragments of evidence–which might not actually be evidence–flicker together to suggest the possibility of a pattern that might never have been there anyway." --M John Harrison, via feuilleton




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