Tuesday, October 20, 2015

pain mockers

Zombie Formalism.

"... to read the entire history of philosophy, premised on Presence, as an immunological response to media. ...Why this horror of mediation? Why this horror of the material?" --Larval Subjects

Gleki Kanba.

"Oddly enough, I’ve always thought of The Conspiracy against the Human Race as a kind of inspirational, quasi-self-help book." --new Ligotti interview

Chanoyu diaspora.

"...an aesthetic that was countercultural in 1965 was becoming mainstream by 1968, and was still rippling through the world of graphic design in the early 1970s." --feuilleton

Is Accelerationism Good for the Underground?

"Of all the French Catholics, I admire the horror writer Petrus Borel, also known as The Lycanthrope, who said he was a papist because he couldn’t be a cannibal." --Ligotti, ibid

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"If politics, philosophy, and religion are really about signaling, we should expect to find countersignaling there as well." --Which leads to the identification of anti-politics politicians & anti-philosophy philosophers--a strong feature of our time--& invites the question: what is an anti-religion religious person like?

(from Washington Post via feuilleton)

"(a reference to scuba-diving gear, for example, in a poem dated before the invention of such)..."



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