Friday, October 09, 2015

"Mistuh Kurzweil--he dead."

"Hunger is my native place in the land of the passions." --Hammarskjöld

A science fiction novel in which corporations are people, & human beings aren't.

Scents and Sensibility. " Perfumery has a lot to do with this process of courting the edges of unrecognizability, of evoking sensations that don't have names, or of mixing up sensations that don't belong together."

"@everyword is a Twitter bot—an automated agent that makes Twitter posts. There are a lot of interesting Twitter bots out there."

A copy of Mein Kampf in German. From 1936. On the one hand, only another valuable, rare book. Such as is occasionally encountered in our business. On the other...if there was ever a real Necronomicon, this is it.

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The Reinvention of Black.

I've read it. It's verbose, abstract, cliché-ridden; the very definition of "unreadable". I suspect not many of his followers read it either. It wasn't this that drove the Götterdämmerung. It's more like the poetry of Mao, the paintings of Dubya: a byproduct. Maybe you could tease out some of his psychosis from what it says, & what it doesn't say--but written words were obviously not his weapon of choice.

Every non-word tweeted (eventually).

I wouldn't want to sell this to a Neo-Nazi. (But who else would want it for $100?) Maybe it should be donated--like to the Holocaust Museum. The case has been made that Lucretius's poem was another deadly-paginated object, a relic with hidden explosive powers, almost an entity with an entity's volition. This is not such a book.

World Palindrome Championship #2.

(gurmukhi alphabet, from wikipedia)




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