Monday, September 14, 2015

gab agharta



Down the river, down the lily, down and sing.
So still the hum, the tiny tick
Of frogs upon the lily; green tongues running,
Willow lisps a quiet wind.

Away and pebble down and sleep; the dream
Runs bare, and apple-hard and slow
The rich dark hair flows on the moon;
Necks bend to white, the long stems whisper. Sing,
And down; the lily darkly blows."

--Lorita Whitehead

The wisest steel man.


Rotisserie planets.

     "Oracular Time

In this oracular time I sense you prowl,
My glistered demon, saint upon the coals
That quake to ash beneath your waking feet.
IUn this oracular time, the darkness climbs
Beyond the highest rung; illimitable Grace,
All space is you and moves in muffled shriek.
In this oracular time, how dare I speak."


"The Grasshopper Lies Heavy refers to Ecclesiastes 12:5 and the vanity of human existence."

Meme: The Future is not a first-person shooter.

"...he apparently spent his war years inventing—and possibly trying to realize—alternate post-war realities."

Meme: Your mythology is killing us.

The drink.

Baroque Nation.



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