Wednesday, September 09, 2015

lapoi pelxu ku'o trajynobli

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Sometimes i wonder if it's only bookstores that have such a high percentage of people who don't seem to have ever been in a bookstore before.

"Meaning that there is each of the answer may be 'raw Lojban status quo'."

"Last month brought the opening of a Lovecraft-themed “weird emporium and information bureau,” where you can buy “CTHULHU FHTAGN” t-shirts and “I AM PROVIDENCE” bumper stickers." --Philip Eil in The Atlantic (via aldaily)

Poem on the Lisbon Disaster.

Vulcan alphabet.

"The age of ecological awareness is an age of uncanniness, not a love and lighty place of total authenticity." --Tim Morton

"Although Olu Maintain’s hip hop flavored 419 anthem 'Yahoozee' has spawned numerous imitators, the song that really put the yahoo boys on the map as urban icons was the actor/comedian Nkem Owoh’s 'I Go Chop Your Dollar' (2005)." (via yeahalrightsoundsgood via afrofutuiristaffair on tumblr)

"This is a holy moment. The air is full of giant wings, and below our feet monsters writhe." --@RALaffertyTweet ("John Salt" [1985])

2014 MU69 needs a new name (& it's not "1110113Y").

Chinese pseudonym thread. Also: "Approximately 99% of the poets are professors."



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